Who we are

WindForss Energy is a Swedish company operating throughout the Nordic Region delivering turnkey sustainable energy solutions focused on energy from waste water and sewage, geoenergy and hybrid combinations of these technologies. 

WindForss Energy is owned by The WING Group and Forsinvest. Both companies have extensive experience of property development extending back over 40 years. This experience has increasingly focussed upon the introduction of sustainable features into properties embracing, and in many cases exceeding, the standards set by the leading Green Building organisations.

WindForss Energy’s partner organisation Geoenergy Solutions is based in the UK and comprises some of Europe’s leading companies within the fields of building services, sustainable energy and indoor climate systems.

WindForss Energy has signed an exclusive Nordic partnership with the North American corporation International Waste Water Systems. IWWS are world-leaders in the field of thermal energy extraction from untreated waste water and sewage and the deployment of this energy in property related systems. This technology is marketed under the name SHARC Energy Systems.

The Team

Robert Windborne Brown   CEO

Robert Windborne Brown

Eric Forss chairman

Eric Forss

Professor Göran Hellström   Executive Consultant Sustainability

Professor Göran Hellström
Executive Consultant Sustainability

Iain Howley   Executive Consultant Geoenergy

Iain Howley
Executive Consultant Geoenergy


Andrew Howley

Ross Burton, CEO International Waste Water systems (Europe)   Executive Adviser

Ross Burton, CEO International Waste Water systems (Europe)
Executive Adviser

Illustration: Windborne communication

Illustration: Windborne communication

What we do


WindForss Energy delivers free, sustainable and locally accessed energy from waste water systems, the ground, lakes and from the sun for the heating and cooling of buildings.  By reducing energy consumption in buildings, recycling the energy we use and using energy from sustainable sources we all win; the Environment, Society and the Property Owner.

WindForss Energy recognises the enormous advantages of using these locally available sustainable energy sources and deploying these wisely. WindForss welcomes the opportunity of sharing with you our passion for moving towards the the New Era of Sustainability.

We also recognise that thermal energy from raw sewage and waste water offers enormous advantages both to the property owner and Society. Every day billions of litres of waste water and sewage is expelled from our homes, as well as from commercial operations, institutions and industry. This amounts to around 10 billion kWh of thermal energy every day which is, for the most part, going to waste within the Nordic Region alone.

Our SHARC Energy System allows us to effectively and reliably utilise this energy towards the heating and cooling of buildings and the production of hot water. In those cases where properties require more energy than is freely available from the waste water system we are able to combine the SHARC System with more traditional geoenergy solutions.This combination we call Hybrid Geoenergy.

Hybrid Geoenergy provides the opportunity of designing an optimal solution through the fusion of SHARC Energy, geoenergy and, if required, solar energy.


 WindForss Airport Snow-Proofing Systems

 WindForss Airport Snow-Proofing Systems

“Apart from the heating and cooling of buildings, WindForss Energy provides solutions for infrastructure. For example, the sustainable and economic heating of road and bridge surfaces to eliminate the risk of skidding, the heating of parking lots and walkways to melt snow as it falls and our Airport Snowmelt System to heat aircraft stands, taxiing areas and runways to eliminate flight delays caused by heavy snow fall.