Geoenergy uses energy on your doorstep without the need for expensive and damaging long-distance transportation

Geoenergy uses energy on your doorstep without the need for expensive and damaging long-distance transportation

Why WindForss Energy ?

Unique technical competence  

WindForss Energy has, through its partner organisations Geoenergy Solutions and International Waste Water Systems, an extensive track record of successful Geoenergy and Hybrid Geoenergy projects both within Europe and the North America.
WindForss Energy’s solutions create significantly lower energy costs, greater energy security and more environmentally-friendly solutions than any other technology on the market. At the same time, this technology is thoroughly proven and available for inspection by prospective clients.
By optimally deploying our geoenergy, SHARC technology and our Hybrid Geoenergy Solutions, we are able to provide the property owner with a solution which is tailor-made for his property.

One-stop Shop

WindForss Energy takes total responsibility for the delivery of turnkey SHARC, Geoenergy and/or Hybrid Geoenergy Solutions. 
This is in contrast to the normally fragmented nature of this multi-disciplinary branch where responsibility is commonly distributed amongst a variety of specialist companies.
We shoulder responsibility for every stage of the project from the initial pre-feasibility study through to the detailed design, installation, operation and service of the installation.
This means that the Client (most often a property owner, contractor or district heating company) enters in to an agreement with one supplier solely responsible for every aspect of the system’s development and operation.
One Totally Responsible Organisation. One Point of Contact

ESCO Solutions

Together with our partner companies, we can also provide an ESCO solution where we maintain full responsibility for the investment in the installation coupled to the long-term and reliable delivery of competitively-priced sustainable energy for the heating and cooling of properties and the delivery of hot water.

WindForss – working towards a sustainable energy future

The combustion of fossil fuels is a traditional means of generating thermal energy. It is also one of the major threats to the well-being of our Planet. It is also expensive with enormous infrastructural costs, energy losses during transportation and energy distribution and it exposes the Property Owner to sometimes huge price fluctuations. Carbon fuels used in combustion are also a diminishing resource and can certainly be put to better use than their extensive and indiscriminate combustion.
Combustion systems represent, quite simply, an outmoded solution for the heating and cooling of buildings and it is time to move on into the New Era of the Combustion-free Society.
Even the combustion of biofuels – including forestry and agricultural products – generates greenhouse gases. It is clearly better to avoid combustion altogether, than to rely upon the diffuse “carbon-neutral” principle. Also, the use of agricultural produce for heat generation robs Society of a valuable food source and the land used for its production.
The combustion of domestic and industrial waste generates not just the production of greenhouse gases but also the spreading into the atmosphere of a wide range of medicinal and other harmful emissions which represent a direct health risk for Society.


The WindForss Philosophy

In contributing to this evolution, WindForss Energy combines two highly potent sustainable energy sources; Geoenergy and energy from waste water and sewage systems. These two technologies both operate using heat pumps which enhance the naturally-occurring thermal energy inherent in both of these energy sources

The WindForss Phisophy, is therefore to utilised stored solar energy in the ground, aquifers, lakes, sea and rivers as well as from Society’s wealth of waste water and sewage systems.