Energy from Raw Sewage and Waste Water:

Our SHARC Energy System facilitates the efficient, environmentally-friendly and trouble-free use of raw sewage as the energy source in providing heating, cooling and domestic hot water production for a wide range of building types.

By introducing the capacity for using raw sewage as a thermal energy source, as opposed to limiting this to treated effluent at Sewage Stations, it becomes possible to use this energy source anywhere on the waste water or sewage network. Thus, available energy sources can be simply aligned with locations where thermal energy is required.

The billions of liters of waste water and sewage created (and , for the most part wasted !) in the Nordic Region every day, represents a latent annual energy source of around 10 billion kWh thermal energy. Our SHARC technology allows us to utilize this constant and inexhaustible source of energy, which contains sufficient thermal energy to heat and cool a significant proportion of the Region’s property stock.

Sewage water is higher in temperature than most other regenerative energy sources such as well water or geo-exchange, reaching an average temperature of over 21°C when exiting buildings.

The unique treatment and filtration system adopted and patented by our partners International Waste Water Systems Inc makes it possible to separate the solid and wet content of the sewage flow to allow the extraction of sufficient energy for the space conditioning requirements of most buildings.

The SHARC heat recovery system can be used in both the winter, for space and domestic water heating, as well as in summer for the efficient operation of air conditioning systems.

The thermo-mechanical methods used in the SHARC system are efficient, cost effective, scalable and reliable, providing a truly sustainable, odourless heating and cooling source for a variety of building types.

SHARC Energy Systems can be deployed on projects of any size, from individual buildings to property clusters up to district heating and cooling systems for complete city neighbourhoods.

For further reading, we refer you to the extensive technical information on the internet including the following websites: and

The SHARC Energy System has been developed with outstanding success on projects throughout North America and during 2014 International Waste Water Systems established a European Office in the UK. In 2015 IWWS (UK) signed a nationwide collaboration with Scottish Water and several projects are currently underway.