A Windforss Energy Solution offers the following tangible advantages for the Property Owner:


Significant cost savings of between 60 and 80% producing a higher operating margin. 

Environmentally-friendly offering a carbon reduction of between 60% and 100%.

Reliable technology the geoenergy technology has been continually monitored, tested and developed over a period of more than 30 years and the SHARC technology for over 5 years on projects in several countries.

Energy price stability. Only 15% -25% of the energy is imported in the form of electricity. This means significantly lower price fluctuations for heating, cooling and hot water production during the lifetime of the building.

Increased property values. Reduced lifelong running costs and greenhouse gas emissions makes the property more attractive for both tenants and purchasers thus increasing its capital value. Property values are also future-proofed against penalties enforced by hardening environmental legislation.

Energy independence. By utilising its own sustainable energy source (normally right under or adjacent to the building) the Property Owner becomes an energy producer, thus promoting a condition of enhanced energy independence.

Long system life. A WindForss geoenergy installation will have a life expectancy at least as long as the building it serves.